You Can Make It! How To Lose Those Stubborn Pounds

It isn’t easy to lose weight today. To really prevail, it is crucial to view the process of losing weight as something requiring a lifestyle change. Just use these great tips to make it happen for you.

Plan sensible, healthy meals instead of relying on diet shakes and meal replacement bars. These items are filled with calories and will not sate your hunger. They are a poor substitute for a real meal and may leave you looking for something else to eat. In the end, they end up being a very high calorie and useless addition to your diet.

TIP! When trying to lose weight, it is really important to follow a fitness routine. You need to try to exercise at least thirty minutes each day.

In order to assist with weight loss you should consider not working out. This is especially true for people who don’t like exercising. Try to trick your mind by doing activities that are fun like riding a bike, going on a hiking trail, or throwing around the football as exercise. You may enjoy these activities enough to look forward to them rather than viewing them as extra work.

Celebrate each weight loss milestone. Treat yourself to something you have been craving, or do something just for yourself. This helps you stay motivated to continue reaching your goals.

Try to stay surrounded by other active people. The more active the environment we spend time in, the more active we will be ourselves. Someone who just lies around, may not be a great influence on you.

TIP! Each time you reach a goal you’ve set for weight loss, celebrate. Buy a treat or have a massage; do something to reward yourself.

Rather than overfocusing on the number on the scale, focus on your health. While it may sound strange, putting your health first starts you thinking positively. If you do not see the results you want, you may be tempted to eat foods you do not need. Lots of diets get left behind because people try to do too much too fast. Changing your diet gradually will help make your weight loss efforts more successful.

If you find yourself really craving a specific unhealthy food, give in to it. If you’re sticking to the diet you chose, it is okay to reward yourself every now and then with a slice of cake or even with a small glass of wine. This allows you to enjoy a reward without feeling like you have failed. It just means you are aware that you are making progress with your plan to lose weight. Don’t overdo it with rewards, though. Ultimately, your new way of eating is supposed to last a lifetime, so something is wrong if you have to keep constantly rewarding yourself.

Examine the dishes that you eat and cut them in half when you are dieting. If you use a large plate, you will be tempted to overeat. By using a 9 inch plate for your meals, you will be serving yourself the proper amount. Any plate bigger than that is too large and can lead to weight gain.

TIP! An easy weight loss suggestion is to simply eat slower. Folks may not start feeling full until after digestion starts.

Pedometers are a fantastic weight loss tool. The purpose of a pedometer is straightforward: track the amount of steps you take. Using a pedometer helps you walk enough during your day. Your daily goal should be to walk 10,000 steps minimum. You need to walk more if you do not get about this much every day.

Food journals are great for keeping yourself accountable. Whenever you eat, document what exactly you ate, what time you ate it, and how you are feeling. This lets you understand your triggers for temptation and how you can beat them.

When attending a party while on a diet, try to eat a huge meal before leaving the house. Doing this will fill you up ahead of time and hinder you from being able to over eat snacks and sweets at a party. In addition, opt to sip at a small glass of wine rather than imbibing beer or mixed drinks, which are higher in calories.

TIP! Track the calories you consume. Go out and buy an inexpensive spiral notebook.

Never eat just before going to bed. For example, if 10 is your bedtime, do not eat after 8. If you must eat before bed, choose a low-calorie snack. Veggies are a good choice. You may not always be able to follow the two hour rule, but do your best to keep to it. Your body stores the fat and calories when it’s inactive.

Never skip meals. Make sure to eat at least three meals every day. You can eat a few small snacks during the day between meals, but keep the snacking limited so you still want to eat your meals. You will stay with in a pattern and your body will be used to it.

Taco Filled

TIP! Don’t eat during the late night hours. Your body is shutting down and resting at night, so all those late night calories slow your weight loss dramatically.

Look to avocados for a source of nutrition in your diet. Although avocados may be high in fat, the fat they contain is unsaturated, which is actually good for you. This food tastes great and has a wonderful texture, which is appealing to dieters. A taco filled with vegetables and avocado is a much better alternative than a taco filled with beef or other fatty meat.

Group exercise has proven to be an excellent activity that is fun, and gets people in the mood to want to do it each day. Try walking with a friend. Gather some friends or kids for a pickup game of basketball or even just tossing the football. There are plenty of group activities you can find that are really fun and that will really help you shed those pounds.

Weight Loss

TIP! Pay attention to the nutritional aspect of different dieting options. Your health could be at serious risk if you follow an extreme diet that suggests limiting your nutritional intake.

Make sure to stay away from pills and other things that promise weight loss that is too fast. If you abruptly stop taking the weight loss supplement, you will gain your weight back.

If you are ready to tackle your weight, talk to your doctor. Your doctor has helpful advice you may not have heard, and he or she can provide you with information regarding your specific dietary and exercise needs. In some cases, weight gain is a side effect of a thyroid or hormone problem. Going to the doctor from the start can save you the disappointment of not losing weight.

As you now know, you’re unwanted weight doesn’t have to continue being a focus of yours. Watch your weight melt away as you include more healthy choices in your life, giving your body the proper fuel that it needs. Start losing weight and stay positive.

Jennifer Lawrence is a belly fat weight loss enthusiast. She can be found at the cyber cafe sipping a hot cup of Oolong belly fat weight loss tea.

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Best WuLong Tea For Weight Loss

March 4th, 2018

Best Wulong Tea – A Beginners Guide To Best WuLong Tea From Oolong leaves For Weight Loss

Over the last few years, green tea has become very popular and is available in most stores and cafés. It is also used in all kinds of products such as shampoo, face cream, candles and many other daily items.  WuLong, on the other hand, is a rare, fermented form of Oolong tea that the Chinese have been using to promote weight loss and overall health for over 400 years.

WuLong tea is produced from the same green tea plant, which is called Camellia Sinensis, the Oolong leaf.  The difference is that WuLong is a fermented brew whereas green tea is unfermented.


What is WuLong Tea
The Health Benefits of Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea Weight Loss

The Oolong Tea Process

The fermentation process is carried out by a skilled worker who can ferment the tea to many different levels to create different varieties. The leaves are stimulated until the oxidization process reaches the desired level and then cooked to finish the process.

The leaves are further processed after the fermentation to enhance the smell, texture and the flavor. This is done by rolling and rubbing the tea. It is possible to achieve many different levels of tea, and when the processing is completed, a knowledgeable master of Oolong will check the leaves and give them a grade.

The history of WuLong tea from Oolong leaf tells us that it was first produced in Fujian province in China. Some of the finest tea still comes from this area although it is now also produced in many other places including Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

One of the reasons that green tea has become so popular is the many health benefits which can be obtained by regular drinking. These benefits are also reported to exist in Oolong and are retained even after the tea is processed. Some of the common benefits claimed are the stimulation of the metabolism and the ability to enhance the digestion.

If you are interested in trying some WuLong, it is recommended to find a quality supplier and a direct seller of quality WuLong tea like Okuma Nutrition. There are many sellers on the Internet who can supply good tea and many who can supply not so great tea. The stuff in the local Chinese store tends to be of very low quality and not worth buying, contrary to what you may have believed. Look for a specialist tea merchant and try a few different ones to find the best quality.

The Health Benefits Of WuLong Tea

WuLong tea has a rich and long history that also includes being one of several plants that had been grown and prized by ancient Chinese emperors and now is prized for the many known health and fitness benefits worldwide.

A brief history of the plant that is botanically generally known as Camellia Sinensis has been utilized throughout history once and for all averting, health and healing illness. These tea leaves generally come from the Fujian Province of China or the mountains of Taiwan and can also be known as Wulong tea. There is some evidence that this tea leaves out of this region have a medical history of a minimum of four 100 years arriving toward the final of the Ming Dynasty.

This tea, now known for ensuring a variety of health benefits is available as straight oolong tea or with other enhancements, for example, jasmine, orange blossoms among others.

The whole process of manufacturing the tea is done with utmost care and also in a fashion which includes transcended the ages from the time it is actually picked before the time it is packaged it undergoes a careful hand process. Following the leaves are picked they are outlined to dry for any short amount of time where oxidation process begins. Then your leaves are placed in baskets and shaken to be able to bruise them.

This exposes the juice from the leaves for the air whereby the oxidation process continues after which the leaves are presented to dry for the second time. This procedure will oxidize the leaves from 20-80%, depending on the kind of final product desired. The leaves will likely be fired to halt the oxidation.

Chances are they are often rolled while still freshly fired and roasted several more times. As a means of finishing the process the leaves are completely cooled and after that fired one final time for you to give the oolong tea the special flavor while reserving the healthful properties from the leaves.

WuLong Contains Antioxidants to Remove Toxins

Tea of all types have been underneath the microscope lately, and oolong tea continues to be studied and found to possess numerous antioxidants, nutritional vitamins along with polyphenols, which all go with a healthful regimen.

Polyphenols that happen to be located in oolong tea are able to remove toxins, which can be noted for prematurely aging your skin as well as causing the brown spots associated with aging. Free-radicals are also related to hindering the immunity process plus they are also connected with cancer cells along with muscles deterioration or damage.

WuLong Tea Enhance the Function of Enzymes

WuLong tea is also noted for enhancing the function of enzymes, which actually are recognized to dissolve triglycerides. These represent the fatty deposits within the body and so it may aid in a weight loss regiment.

There have been clinical studies done and yes it was discovered that this type of tea can boost the metabolic rate, which speeds up fat oxidation as well as the catechin polyphenols boost the rate that calories are burned in your body.

This, in turn, signifies that oolong tea has the compounds in it to support directly in fat loss. Also, it is an assist in reducing blood pressure levels that may, therefore, help to prevent hypertension this is because of its ability to take advantage of the fatty deposits in your body as fuel for energy.

Additionally, there is possible evidence that together with the caffeine additionally there is an increase in stamina, that can help in an exercise regiment. Caffeine is likewise proven to stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain this can help in memory function and increases the thought process.

There are additional health and fitness benefits which may have long been believed by Chinese herbalists like the properties in oolong tea to minimize teeth cavities and to aid in speeding oral healing due to tannic acid that is certainly contained in the tea. Additionally, they believe oolong tea assists in aiding the kidneys, in addition to boosting the usage of glucose, which often aids the regulating insulin.

Research and studies have indicated that these Chinese who are known for their consumption of drinking have significantly lower incidences of heart disease and prostate cancer than other ethnic groups. There is also scientific evidence that tea may also be an assist in cancers of the breast treatment when used in addition to tamoxifen.

Research conducted recently of Japanese elderly demonstrated that individuals who consumed two servings of tea every day experienced a lower potential for cognitive impairment by approximately 50 percent. Other research has pointed to the tea’s positive effect on the beginning of Alzheimer’s.

While there is evidence that oolong tea and tea generally speaking can benefit the healthiness of our bodies additionally there is the fact that this tea is consumer friendly. Unlike pills and vitamins, health drinks along with other foods which are supposedly best for promoting health, oolong tea has a taste that is a pleasure to drink and is particularly rehydrating and nourishing.

This really is a tea that is able to be flavored with some other herbs and florals as well as served alone. Alone it might be dark in color with a robust taste that features a hint of raisin, honeysuckle or almond. If perhaps partially oxidized, it may also be light and floral. Flavored oolongs can be found with tastes and names such as ginger peach oolong tea, orange blossom, and plum oolong tea as well as others.

Every one of these tea has their own unique flavor. A few have a history behind its name like the Oriental Beauty, which received its name from Queen Elizabeth II. She named the tea after a tea merchant who brought it from Asia. The name continues to be used today.


Some of the more popular varieties include Gao Shan, Tie Guan Yin, Vietnamese Golden Buds, Formosa, and WuLong which comes from Taiwan. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and try a few varieties.  Talk to your dietician about Wulong Premium Chinese Slimming Tea

Try WuLongForLife for just $4.95! If you like it, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our autoshipment program. If not, call and cancel any time.

12 step Recovery Program

12 step recovery program from food addiction for food addicts. “American society has become ‘obesogenic,’ characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, non-healthful foods, and physical inactivity.” Statistics prove this to be true, with adult obesity in America tipping the scales at 33.8 percent (32.2 percent among adult men and 35.5 percent among adult women). That’s one-third of all American battling the bulge, according to a report published in January 2010 in JAMA.” (

While working your way through these 12 steps, you will allow yourself to embrace ideals ranging from honesty to humility. As you change your life to include these ideals or principles, you may find it easier to stop overeating.

The Twelve Steps

  1. Admittance
  2. Hope
  3. Submission
  4. Courage
  5. Integrity
  6. Willingness
  7. Humility
  8. Self-control
  9. Love
  10. Endurance
  11. Spirituality
  12. Pass it on

The Twelve Steps to Assist in Recovering From Food Addiction

Admittance: Admitting you are powerless over food. We admitted we were powerless over food – that our lives had become unmanageable.
Hope: You have to believe that a higher power can help you obtain control over your addiction
Submission: Turning your life over to God or another higher power. Made a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand him.
Courage: Creating a personal moral inventory.
Integrity: Admitting to God, yourself and others that you have made mistakes and admitting the exact nature of those mistakes
Willingness: Being ready to ask God to remove the flaws you found in your personal moral inventory
Humility: Asking God for help in dealing with your flaws
Self-control: Making a list of all the people you have hurt and asking them to forgive you
Love: Making amends to the people you have hurt except in cases where making amends would hurt them even more
Endurance: Continuing to take personal moral inventories and making changes to your life as needed
Spirituality: Working to improve your relationship with God and praying to understand his will for your life
Pass it on: Carrying this message to other people who are addicted to food so they can learn how these principles may change their lives

That’s it!

Build upon these principles. It has proven to work for decades. Make it work for you.

“There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened” – Tommy Lasorda

That’s it for now about 12 step recovery program. You can learn more at